Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Am I a traitor?

I disagree with the use of a referendum in a parliamentary democracy

I disagree with the arguments made by both Remain and Leave in the recent referendum.

I disagree with a straight majority having sway over constitutional change.

I disagree with Brexit “meaning Brexit”. This is meaningless.

I disagree with the government’s refusal to allow parliament the final say over leaving the EU.

I disagree with the demonization of foreign students and workers, skilled or unskilled.

I disagree with the mean spirit preventing the generosity of citizens being allowed to help thousands of refugees in need.

I disagree with the tone of the national conversation since the referendum and the failure of the government to address this.

I disagree with the government subsidising nuclear power far more generously than renewables.

I disagree with the imposition of boundary changes favouring one party to reduce the size of parliament whilst increasing the size of the unelected Lords.

I disagree with first-past-the-post.

I disagree with cutting functions and budgets of local authorities.

I disagree with grammar schools.

I disagree with cutting entitlements of disabled and the poorest citizens.

and so much more. Am I a traitor?

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  1. I agree with what you say. I'm not sure of the premise though,I remember being the 'Enemy Within'. Maybe the traitors are those who put up Aunt Sallys for us to knock down then say 'it's what we want'. Membership of the EU is irrelevant it is an agency of the World Trade Organisation following their programme of dismantling democracy through so-called "Trade Deals" enforcing the primacy of Trans-National Corporations through the Investor-State Dispute Settlement/Investor Dispute System. This will not change with 'Brexit' the British Government is one of the most supine in the face of the WTO.