Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Give us a break!

I have decided during the election campaign that more than enough words are being devoted to politics without the need for me to add to them for a while. Enjoy the gap but vote for Solomon Curtis for Wealden or for me for Chiddingly and East Hoathly if you live in these, please.

1 comment:

  1. Labour will be getting my vote,I care so much about our precious NHS and labour does too,if only everyone would vote sensibly . if tory or ukip get in will will not have the luxury of the NHS, I pay a huge part of my hard earned wages to tax and I do not feel my money is being well spent under the tory/ukip goverment.
    I care about the people who have to visit food banks,disabled people having their benefits cut. The poor pensioners who struggle to live and with the ilf shut,heavy cuts to help in their homes ,no care for the disabled pensioners are forced to be put into already bursting hospitals,who are massively under staffed.
    tories don't care they only care about their rich friends ,labour cares.
    Its heartbreaking to see the uk changing for the worst.
    I will not want to live under another tory or a ukip that predomintly want to line their pockets. Rant over, vote labour.