Monday, 7 July 2014

Why radical is best

There really is almost no point in Labour sticking to a me-too list of policies, hoping to win on grounds of managerial credibility or not being Tories. Even in the unlikely scenario of a victory in such circumstances, what would this do for the people of this country? More austerity, less public services, growing inequality leading to stress and misery for millions. Unless Labour is prepared to offer  real change, not just of masthead but of substance, it may as well save its campaign budget for a further 5 years.
This country is getting richer again, according to the Government. No. Some few people and corporations are getting richer as they cream off dividends and asset inflation into tax-minimising investments. The vast majority of voters and non-voters are left to pick over the slim pickings of lower wages or lower social security as they attempt to make a living, never mind a comfortable life for themselves and others. This is not about old-style class warfare but a need for the earnings of this country being shared more fairly among those who contribute to their generation in return for electoral support.
Without social change and a refocusing of politics onto the holistic needs of all citizens, UK will cease to be a democracy in more than name, as its governance increasingly ends in the hands of huge corporations unaccountable to the public. This trend can either be maintained under a Tory self-interest agenda; or reversed by a Labour-led evolution in favour of mutuality and concern for the well-being of all and accountable through retention or restoration of public services and social influence over infrastructure.
Labour has been drip-feeding encouraging policy ideas, no doubt to test public reaction. This will no doubt be assessed by huge representative committees. Such methodology can only regress to the mean. The Leader of the party has to take this agenda by the scruff of the neck, shake out the managerialists and tell the country where he will take us and how, as far away from the greed and power accretion of the current oligarchy as possible. Then Labour will be true to its values and present a true alternative which can hope to make the country a better place.

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