Friday, 13 September 2013

This is the first posting on this new blog. It is the mouthpiece for a group of like-minded lefties living in rural East Sussex. We have absolutely no prospect of voting in a candidate in any local or national election, but nonetheless want to feel that our opinions on how the country and our communities are run can be "heard" and shared with others around the country like us may feel less isolated. We know already, just from coming together in our small discussion group, how valuable it is to be aware of the presence of other progressives in places where we are a near- invisible minority. By putting up candidates in recent CC elections we already uncovered hundreds of sympathisers, to our gratified surprise. We are just amazed that everybody does not castigate this frightful government, which is presiding over a return to Poor Law  Britain.

Views on this blog are those of individual members of this discussion group. Comment is welcomed.

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